Duncan Rangel, L. A., L. F. A. Monteiro Gomes, F. P. Cardoso. 2011.

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Luís Alberto Duncan Rangel, L. A., L. F. A. Monteiro Gomes, F. Parussoli Cardoso. 2011. An application of the TODIM method to the evaluation of Broadband Internet plans.
Pesqui. Oper. vol.31 no.2 Rio de Janeiro May/Aug. 2011
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This article presents a case study of the evaluation of the various types of access to the Broadband Internet available to a small company, located in Volta Redonda, in the state of Rio de Janeiro. This small company needs to implement Broadband Internet in its establishment and sought an evaluation of the companies which work providing this type of service. With the aim of carrying out a technical evaluation of the provision of the Broadband Internet service and, considering the diverse points of view and needs of this small company, a Multicriteria Decision Aiding Method, the TODIM method, was used. By means of this research, the power of this Operational Research tool was verified in the search for the solution to the problem of ranking the services offered in the city, according to the criteria chosen by this small company.

Keywords: Multicriteria Decision Aiding, Prospect Theory, Broadband Internet.

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