Bloom, Stephen A. 1981.

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Stephen A. Bloom.[1] 1981. Similarity indices in community studies: Potential pitfalls. Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser. 5:125-128 (pdf copy in Alluvia)


(verbatim quotation from paper)
Four common similarity indices used in multivariate descriptive techniques, such as classifications and trellis diagrams, are compared over a range of overlap from 100 to 10% to a theoretical standard. Only the Bray-Curtis Index (also known as Czekanowski's Quantitative Index, Proportional Similarity and a variety of other names) was found to reflect accurately true similarity. The other indices (Canberra Metric, Morisita's and Horn's Information Theory) diverge greatly from one another and from the theoretical standard.


  1. ^ . Department of Zoology. University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida 32611. USA. Steve was lecturer for the course of Quantitative ecology at USF in 1975-76. The computer programme CLASE was developed from the course notes by LC García Lozano and Steve Godley, and applied to a set of herpetofauna biogeographical data from the Northern Pacific coast of Mexico, collected by Prof. Dr. Roy MacDiarmid for his doctoral dissertation at USC.