Eva H.D., A. Glinni, P. Janvier y C. Blair-Myers. 1998.

De Neotrópicos, plataforma colaborativa.
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Eva H.D., A. Glinni, P. Janvier y C. Blair-Myers. 1998. Vegetation Map of South America at 1:5,000,000, TREES Publications Series D2, Luxembourg, European Commission, EUR 18658 EN. Carpeta con mapa, artículos, leyenda, etc. Formato zip, 1,8 Mb.

A multi-sensor approach
(Síntesis tomada del artículo que acompaña el mapa en el cual pueden verse las referencias completas de las citas)

Central to the TREES project has been the development of an information system capable of ingesting, assimilating, analysing and reporting on all types of data relating to tropical forest monitoring. Whilst starting with low resolution data, the project has diversified towards a multisensor approach using a range of satellite sensors, with different spectral and spatial resolutions, each of which brings a different thematic or mapping quality to the project (e.g. Mayaux et. al. 1999).

The range of satellite data used by the project has extended from AVHRR and from high resolution optical data (Landsat TM and SPOT) to include radar data (ERS and JERS), ERS-2 Along Track Scanning Radiometer (ATSR) data and medium resolution (180 m) RESURS data. Each of these new sensors has been assessed for its potential to bring additional information (spatial and thematic).

In the case of the low spatial resolution and of the radar data, the large quantities of images acquired has necessitated the need for new processing chains. A suite of products has been produced in-house, and in conjunction with external partners, to supplement the analysis of the tropics. These products include radar mosaics (Malingreau et al. 1995b), and regional, continental and global fire activity maps (Dwyer et al. 1998, Grégoire et al. 1996).

Ver Hueck y Seibert, 1972.