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Forbes, S.A. 1887. The Lake as a Microcosm. Bulletin of the Scientific Association of Peoria, Illinois, pp 77–87

Editor Charles H. Smith's Note: At the time he wrote this paper, Stephen Forbes was State Entomologist of Illinois and Professor of Zoology and Entomology at Illinois State University. He would later become the first Director of the Illinois Natural History Survey. This work is a genuine classic in the history of the development of the field of ecology, anticipating later studies on food webs, population and community ecology, and the ecosystem concept. The version reprinted below is from the original paper, delivered at a 25 February 1887 meeting of the Peoria Scientific Association. [1]

While already famous as an economic entomologist, Forbes undertook studies of massive fish mortality in Lake Mendota, Wisconsin. He showed the connection of algae blooms and lake physics to fish kills, and embarked on a remarkable research program into lake ecology and river ecology. Many of his insights about lake ecology were collected in an influential paper, "The Lake as a Microcosm".[5] Notable for both conceptual creativity and the use of innovative quantitative methods, his work foreshadowed the ecosystem concept as well as modern ideas of behavioral ecology and food web dynamics. [2]

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Investigadores suecos recientemente (2013) publicaron sus reflexiones sobre las contribuciones conceptuales y metodológicas de Forbes, al examinar vaerios años de investigaciones en sus propios ecosistemas (biomas) lóticos en S Suecia; véase:

A lake as a microcosm: reflections on developmentsin aquatic ecologyLars-Anders Hansson • Jakob Brodersen • Ben B. Chapman •Mattias K. Ekvall • Anders Hargeby • Kaj Hulthe ́n • Alice Nicolle •P. Anders Nilsson • Christian Skov • Christer Bro ̈nmark

(10) (PDF) A lake as a microcosm: Reflections on developments in aquatic ecology. Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/256151197_A_lake_as_a_microcosm_Reflections_on_developments_in_aquatic_ecology [accessed Mar 11 2022]. biol.lu.se123Aquat Ecol (2013) 47:125–135DOI 10.1007/s10452-013-9435-2

Véase artículo aquí Archivo:LA Hansson et al 2013 Reflections on Lake as microcosm devpt aquatic ecology.pdf